Stone Poems                         Materials, sizes, and prices                                                             

Please know that I have decided to end this line of work. I would like to express my gratitude to those of you, far and wide, who saw fit to bring one or more of these pieces into your home. There is hundreds of you, especially in Ithaca and Trumansburg, New York, who, during the last 15 years or so were kind enough to keep me alive and working by opting to hang these on your walls.
The last formal exhibit of this type of work took place at Mockingbird Paperie from July to September of 2017. The last remaining pieces will remain available in this website and can be seen at my home studio (by appointment).
An interesting proposal (a formal commission) may still coax me to produce a new piece of this kind, but there will be no further serial production or gallery shows. My attention has moved elsewhere. However, the intent remains the same in whatever comes from me: to show that the ground of our cosmic presence is in the unthinkable movement of life, and not in the particular, and therefore separative stories we tell ourselves and others about we are, culturally and personally.