Beyond Separation                                               Sumi ink on paper

Beyond Separation                                             Sumi ink on paper

If accurate and thorough enough, awareness of our species' chaotic circumstances (social, economic, political, geopolitical, and ecological) makes evident our chronic inability to transcend the mental dysfunctions responsible for the conflict and suffering these circumstances generate. Only this direct and exhaustive perception of the terminal impotence of a mind rigidly programmed by l experience has the power to liberate human consciousness by taking it beyond its tribal and personal constriction. 

The art and writing in this website and blog aim to stimulate this awareness of traditional cultural and psychological reality as a dead end, and thus help foster the caring intelligence without which our minds and relationships will continue to deteriorate putting the very future of our species in increasing jeopardy. 
Your interest in this endeavor is highly appreciated, along with whatever support you may care to lend to it.