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There are now two editions of this book. The latest one (2019) comprises 10 hand-bound, small format copies ( ), and follows a first, special edition of only two, large format (16 5/8 x 15 1/4 x 1 7/8"), hand-bound books. Both editions contain slightly different versions of an introductory text as well as a set of 60 prints. These prints originate in Sumi ink paintings made on glass and subsequently digitized in a flatbed scanner. Embedded on the cover of each one of the books of the 2019 edition is either a fossil or some other similar natural element. Embedded on the cover of the two copies of the earlier edition is an original painting on glass with the ink emulsion on the back side protected with a coat of gold spray paint. (The cost for a copy of the 2019 edition is US $ 350.00; the first special edition, $1,500.00)  
At the end of 2016 we carried-out a successful financial campaign to fund the development of a video-concert version of this book. Ithaca-based composer, Peter Dodge, and Trumansburg video artist, Bryan Root, are presently working in this project that we hope will have its first performance sometime in 2020. You can catch a glimpse of the progress we have made working on the first of this three “movement” piece, HERE.
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