Art and writing are tools I use to come to —and to communicate to the best of my ability— an unbiased and thorough perception of the essence of the human psyche and of the world this psyche generates and sustains. To be coherent with the independence demanded by this intent, I strive to earn my keep through the sale of the fruit of my labor. As you can well imagine, the somewhat esoteric nature of this venture, as well as the character of current political and cultural circumstances does not make this easy. Consequently, I am now encouraging donations, in any amount, from whomever may desire to support the artistic and publishing work I do, but who are not in the position, or simply do not care, to acquire a piece of art or a hand-made book.

The price range is wide with —at the lower end— printed books and small, original (but unframed), paintings or prints costing between 30 and 150 US dollars. The prices for the more expensive paintings and stone poems, and the hand-bound books, appear next to each item. (If you find that this is not the case, it is because I still have not gotten this pricing task done, so, receive my apologies and please send me a note inquiring about the cost of the item that has caught you eye). Prices for lower- or regularly priced items appear below. All remote purchases will be transacted by means of checks and money orders. As soon as your paper clears, your piece is shipped. If dissatisfied with your purchase, you have 15 days to return it for a full refund.
I am open to negotiate payment plans and in some instances willing to negotiate the price of a piece. If you love something that I offer, but cannot afford the full price, let me know a bit about you and your situation and we'll take it from there. You can write to me here.

Photographic prints and prints from Sumi ink paintings on glass

  • 40" print mounted on a rigid substrate and minimally framed in black painted oak. Ready to hang.                            350.00      (200.00, for the print alone)
  • 24" print mounted on a rigid substrate and minimally framed in black painted oak. Ready to hang.                            150.00      (100.00, for the print alone)
  • Image printed on 8.5 x 11" paper and sent in an envelope with protective backing.                                                      50.00

Small and unframed acrylic and Sumi ink paintings on paper

  • Ink paintings on paper measuring around 5 x 7"                                                                                                            50.00
  • Ink paintings on paper measuring around 8 x 10"                                                                                                          75.00
  • Ink paintings on paper measuring around 10 x 16"                                                                                                      150.00

    An estimate of the cost of packing and shipping will be added to these prices and promptly communicated.

All gifts of money are welcomed, no matter how small. Regular donations provided during a specified period of time (let us say $50.00 or 100.00 per month for a year) are especially appreciated, for they provide a significant measure of stability to this small and peculiarly vulnerable enterprise. Get in touch with me HERE.

Whatever your generosity sees fit to provide, through either donations or purchases, will facilitate basic survival and the continuity of this crucial service. Thanks!