Like the website that hosts it, this blog is only concerned with using art and brief texts to uncover the bias and other limitations of thought conditioned by memory and tradition, thus also revealing how this largely unacknowledged tribal egotism that affects all human beings creates and sustains the systemic disorder and violence of the world in which we all live.

Without a radical awakening to the immense distance between our mental and social reality and the truth, we are condemned to continue living in the same cruel division, conflict, and sorrow to which we ourselves sustain with our personal memories, thoughts, and desires.

A Bike Ride to Cayuga Lake ― Photo Essay - 15

This set of rather disparate images were all taken during a bike ride a few days ago from Trumansburg to the North Point park on Cayuga lake, and back. They give a brief but accurate account of the combination of wild life, farming, and tourism that is peculiar to this area where, among other wonders, clouds of harmless insects hover in the same place, swallowtail butterflies are entranced by blue-heron poop, and young farmers proudly drive old tractors. There is Spring beauty everywhere you care to look.
Enjoy, and shoot me a message if you would like to purchase a print of any of these photographs. Thanks.


Exhibit at The Bookery - Ithaca, New York - May and June, 2019

An Inescapable Sorrow Flowers In the Plenitude of Life