Like the website that hosts it, this blog is only concerned with using art and brief texts to uncover the bias and other limitations of thought conditioned by memory and tradition, thus also revealing how this largely unacknowledged tribal egotism that affects all human beings creates and sustains the systemic disorder and violence of the world in which we all live.

Without a radical awakening to the immense distance between our mental and social reality and the truth, we are condemned to continue living in the same cruel division, conflict, and sorrow to which we ourselves sustain with our personal memories, thoughts, and desires.

Seen In Ithaca ― Photo Essay - 10

I am currently making the prints for a one-of-a-kind, hand-made book that I hope will be part of an exhibit at The Bookery scheduled for this coming Spring. The book will hold approximately 100 of these prints. There is also a chance that Seen In Ithaca will become a self-published limited edition.
This collection does not in any way pretend to be a representative illustration of the town of Ithaca; it is just a small sample of the many, many interesting and beautiful things that I have seen (and managed to capture with my camera) during the more than 25 years I have lived in and near Ithaca. Below, 25 of these images, enjoy!


Freeze and Thaw ― Photo Essay - 11

Getting Lost in the Silence of the Winter Forest ― Photo Essay - 9