Like the website that hosts it, this blog is only concerned with using art and brief texts to uncover the bias and other limitations of thought conditioned by memory and tradition, thus also revealing how this largely unacknowledged tribal egotism that affects all human beings creates and sustains the systemic disorder and violence of the world in which we all live.

Without a radical awakening to the immense distance between our mental and social reality and the truth, we are condemned to continue living in the same cruel division, conflict, and sorrow to which we ourselves sustain with our personal memories, thoughts, and desires.

Attending to the Birth of Spring - II

Here are twelve more captures from last Sunday's visit to Taughannock creek (up from the great fall).
While processing these images, I thought again that it is becoming increasingly difficult for me to discriminate what is worth photographing, out in Nature. If closely examined from different angles and distances, just about everything reveals some form of beauty and, more importantly, a mysterious connection to everything else in time and space.
I am sure this is the reason why I have never been too inclined to go after what I call "trophy images". It feels right for me to stay close to the quotidian —what anyone can see if paying enough attention to what is right in front of her eyes and under her nose.
It also feels right to approach everything free of the type of established knowledge that would predetermine selection or point of view. I only aim to pay close attention to what is there, although I am still swayed by some sort of an aesthetic sense and the inclination to capture what seems more mysterious. In general, my eyes are those of the common wo/man, I am certainly not looking with the specialized vision of the botanist, zoologist, geologist, or physicist.

There is something extraordinary in the fact that  raw perception can only happen in real time, which means that there is no place in it for the memories and desires that are the stuff of thought with its attendant, and limiting likes and dislikes. 
I've been making photographs of life around me for close to half a century, and I can now see the time coming when there will be no further point to continue walking around with a camera as an extension of my being.

Pure perception —innocence— issues no judgement and makes no choice.
I hope to explore this fascinating theme in a more formal essay that I will post here.

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